Learn How to Find, Buy, and Close Your First Rent House
Outside of Your Day Job, With OR Without Your Own Money 
Many people have shown interest in my knowledge around Real Estate, So I’m opening up a small group of people who I can train and teach for a month how to buy their first rent house with or without their money. 

Now you’re asking who am I and why do I have the authority to teach you, well I was once in a spot, maybe similar to you,  just graduated college in 2016 and didn’t look forward spending the rest of my new life in a 9-5 job. I had student loan debt to pay for and was only making $12/hr.. Did not expect life to be like this after school!

Life was not up to par, but I knew there was a way out.. Real Estate. 

One evening I went to a seminar, which led me to eventually buying their course a month later, bought it, learned it, and relearned some things on my own. 

3 months later I had my first rent house. 5 months after that we’d already built up a portfolio for 5 houses. All cash flowing each month.  

Now I’ve move past that easy stage of single family and now in talks with bigger fish, looking at land developments, buying million dollar apartment communities and so on.. all of that started with single family. It’s the same fundamentals.

My goal is to get you well enough equipped to help you find and buy your first property, as well as borrowing some one else’s money, all outside your job. 

This will consist of weekly calls (that will be recorded) and action steps after every call. You will be able to join a private Facebook community where you can interact with me and other people in the group. The choice is yours! Now let me help you set your future self up!
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Real Estate Investment Course
Wait!! Before you pay, I have one last thing below

ONE TIME OFFER: Add $59 more to your order to be upgraded to an Exclusive VIP Member. By checking the box above you agree to pay $59 on top of your purchase above to have an upgraded membership to this course. I will provide you a sheet of contacts you can use to build your power team. This includes bankers for loans, title companies for closing, realtors, contractors, insurance company, etc.. In addition, you will also get an additional 2 weeks of coaching. With a few extra bonuses sprinkled in

Frequently Asked Questions
When does this start?
This will start Monday night on July 15th at 8:00pm CST. And will carry on based on what package you selected above. 
How do I know I'm registered? 
Once your payment goes through, I'll be alerted and invite you in to the private Facebook group as well as email you. (be looking in your email)
What results should I expect from taking this course?
Results aren't guaranteed, but my aim is to equip you with the right tools and knowledge to become invested in Real Estate
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Frequently Asked Questions
When does the course start?
Monday July 15th at 8pm CST 
How do I know if I'm registered?
Once I get confirmation, I will send you an email with instructions. Be sure to check your email spam if you dont see it in inbox
What Can I expect in this course?
1.  We will go week by week, training for about an hour or so on a group call discussion. Every call comes with an action step

2. Will learn how to find deals, money, and close!

3. Step by step process with weekly updates inside the facebook community
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